Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Okay, gang, several of you have written in asking for new "list" shirts, so I designed 2 more. Since they can be hard to read over at CafePress, here they are:

(click to enlarge)

Both shirts feature this on the front, though I show the backs of 2 of the shirts, with the lists on them (designed by my awesome reader, Doris- Thank you Doris).

And you have your choice of 2 lists on the back:


So there you go.

I better get back to my day job now.


ERP said...

I think the image of the brain should have some cool-ass pathology like Pick's Disease.

winrob said...

That is an awesome design. I might have to buy another Tee.

DreamingTree said...

Pick's Disease made me think of ice pick lobotomies:

Might be cool to try on some patients.

Dr. Marcus Ettinger said...

You forgot my favorite - MLM's. I used to get hit-up to become part of an MLM at least once every 2-3 months )I guess docs are an easy target). Now that the economy is in the crapper, I get propositioned 1-2x/month. Xango, MonaVie, FreeLife, PrePaid Legal.... What a bunch of crap. And why would I want to start selling a product that no one wants anyway?. I am their doctor not a MLM, door to door salesman.

Anonymous said...

Does that brain have a pituitary tumor?

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